Ever lose a bid to a big company--just because they were a big company? Have you ever winced when a client suggested to meet at your office--because you have meager headquarters? Have you ever wished that the playing field was just a little more level? You CAN level out the playing field by projecting a "big business" image thanks to today's technology and a little creativity.  ACT! with the help of Woodcock & Associates can give you that edge..

As ACT! Certified Consultants and specialists in ACT! Training, Woodcock & Associates LLC can harness the already existing power of this software package and mold it to work with your current business as if the software were custom built to meet your needs. We provide installation, customization, ACT software training, and technical support so that you can see a positive difference immediately... Call us today (216-283-6733) to find out how we can help your company take ACT! to the next level.